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If you are looking for an elegant addition to your garden, look no further than the boxwood. Their sophisticated look and infinite varieties and shapes remind reminds me of strolling in perfectly manicured gardens in France, which have inspired my landscaping at home. I have planted over 350 boxwoods in a variety of forms: globes, … Read More about Boxwoods

Being French at Home

My book Ooh la la! French Inspirations for Entertaining and Travel is about recreating your French memories at home. During this time of quarantine, my book provides you with many ideas to imagine you are spending your day in your favorite part of France. It’s easy to bring your travel memories home…let me help you! … Read More about Being French at Home

Preparation H

Traveling enriches your spirit and can teach you many things. Whether you bring back stories of amazing sights, interesting history, “oops” moments, or traveling disasters, your adventures will provide many wonderful memories that you will share again and again with friends and family. This is a fun story that I like to tell about a … Read More about Preparation H

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