Our Favorite French Books

  1.  Holiday Goddess handbag guide to…Paris, London, New York and Rome
    Has a great Chapter on Paris and more
  2. My French Life by Vicki Archer
    Is a wonderful book in general and special for someone in your life that loves “All Things French”! This is the perfect gift for any occasion. Vicki shares her experiences of her French Christmas’s in Paris and there is a great photograph of the Place Vendome decorated for the holidays.

  3.  Les Recettes de la Saison (Recipes of the Season)
    A Holiday Cookbook from the Chefs of la Madeleine and
    Susan Herrmann Loomis. Susan is a friend of mine, she is originally for the Pacific Northwest and when she is visiting her family she instructs cooking classes in the Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington area. Susan has written many books with Patricia Wells. If you have a chance check out her website “onruetatin.com” for cooking classes at her home in Louvier and Paris France.
  4.  The Night Before Christmas in Paris by Betty Lou Phillips and Roblyn Herndon.
    This is a charming story about Santa discovering the magic of Paris during Christmas as he frantically searches Paris for a missing Mrs. Claus. She is found in time for him to whisk her back home to help the elves with last minute packing of toys for children all over the world.

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