Our Book

Our Cover Design

I purchased a piece of artwork in 2010 by a Portland Artist named Amanda Moore. I loved her collage design work. When I was thinking about the cover of my book, what would French Inspirations look like? I wondered if she was still in Portland? I had always enjoyed the original piece of art. After a couple of weeks I finally found Amanda again and she agreed to design the cover. After several meetings and ideas, going back and forth. We came up with a great design. Terre and I found a scrapbooking shop in Paris and found charms reflecting, travel and entertaining. We attached them to the piece of jewelry on the Eiffel Tower. I hope you will enjoy the finished piece as much we do!

Please read the biography of Amanda Moore below:

My name is Amanda Moore. I have lived in Portland for most of my life. I have been painting for over 10 years now but my love affair for art started at a very young age. I have always had the ability to find inspiration in everything. The beauty and passion I find in the world is the backbone of my work. All of my work is mixed media because I like to bring random materials together that may not seem special on their own to make one unique work.

I wouldn’t say I have a strict regulated process like most artists. The freedom to create without limits allows me to keep changing styles and topics and develop as an artist. I try to add glamour and individuality in to each painting I make. Each piece I paint is based on the mood I feel at the time and the object I collected that I feel fits with it. I have been known to collect scraps or items and wait years to find the perfect place on a piece that will do it justice. I always include a special detail that allows each piece to be one of a kind. I have a weakness for vintage jewelry and include it in almost all of my work. I truly believe in sustainability and giving found objects a new life by bring out their beauty in my art. All the work posted on my website can be purchased. If a piece has already been sold, I have no problem recreating a version of it for you. I love to make each piece as unique as the buyer. If you like the piece, but would care for a different color or size, no problem. Just email with the details and I will get to work. I’m open to all commission work. No task or idea is too big. Website: http://amandamooreartwork.com/about/